Our Holocaust Torah

The Torah scrolls from Czechoslovakia were part of a huge collection of Jewish ceremonial objects that were collected at the Jewish Museum at the instigation of the Jewish curators who worked there. Under the watchful eye of the Nazis, Jews in Prague sorted, classified, and catalogued these treasures and arranged the scrolls in stacks reaching from the floor to the ceiling. For the Jews thus employed, it was a short reprieve; even before their task was completed, they were deported and all but two eventually perished in the death camps.

One of these Torahs now resides with us at B’nai Shalom. It is used by our students during their Bar or Bat Mitzvahs in memory of all the children that were unable to have that special day themselves. Our plan is to showcase this historical Torah for all to see and we are proud to make it part of our heritage. Learn more about this special Torah!

The Memorial Scrolls Trust is an organization dedicated to the preservation and tracking of these important Torahs. They sent us the Torah over 45 years ago to preserve and display. Synagogues all over the world are taking part in this important effort!