B'Nai Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Information

The Hebrew words “Bar” and “Bat” “Mitzvah” mean “Son” and “Daughter” of the “Commandments”.

To be called a son or a daughter of the commandments is to acknowledge and affirm our bond to the covenant of Mount Sinai and our relationship with God as a people chosen to be “a light unto the nations”. The Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony is the Jewish rite of passage, in which our children cross over into young adulthood by professing their love of God and their commitment to Judaism.

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah rite remind us today of the importance of courage and bravery in the modern world: Courage to be true to God and live our ideals, and bravery to stand up for what we believe in, with regard to what is right and just. These values and principles of righteousness and justice – tempered with mercy, are traditionally known as the primary teachings of Torah. Each Bar and Bat Mitzvah is called upon to claim this Torah as their spiritual heritage, value its teaching by living them faithfully, and to make a commitment to continue the tradition and pass this precious treasure on to the next generation.

Choosing a Date for Your Child's Event

Requests for date should be sent to the Hebrew School Principal, the Cantor, and the President before booking venues.

In order to ensure that your child is well prepared, we limit Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies to twice per month maximum. Please make sure to reserve your requested date well in advance to avoid conflicts.

www.hebcal.com is a great resource to:

  1. convert your birthday to the Hebrew calendar and determine the earliest date possible for your ceremony. Your child's "birthday" may not translate to the same date on the Hebrew calendar.

  2. look up specific dates and the associated torah portions

  3. read the translation of the torah portion


Cantor Rebecca Zweibel

Cantor Rebecca is our congregation's spiritual leader as well as B'nai Mitzvah class teacher. Her students are those who have completed Hebrew School successfully and are specifically training for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Most students spend two years with Cantor Rebecca where the class splits time between perfecting the Shabbat service prayers and a deeper look at Jewish heritage and customs.

Families will work directly with Cantor Rebecca to schedule 1-on-1 tutoring focused on the student's Torah Portion and Haftorah reading.